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Master's Degree Program

Master's degree programs are designed for individuals seeking to pursue advance education or enhance their existing skills. These programs serve as a bridge to avail job opportunities at higher positions. A master's degree is highly essential for those seeking to strengthen their knowledge and skills.

According to Census Bureau statistics master's degree holders earn approximately $11,300 more each year than those holding a Master's degree. At University of Mayford, students can study and continue with their job at the same time, they don't need to sacrifice their ongoing job.

  • 24/7 student support services
  • Providing Flexibility to Students to Study at Ease
  • Distinguished Faculty Members from Across the Globe
Programs Requirements
  Scholarship Program Credit Transfer  
Master's Degree You may qualify for scholarship program, almost 90% students do qualify! All credits will be accepted.


Students are satisfied with their grades

Tier One

Listed as a Tier One National University in 2016


Undergraduate students were awarded financial aid

Reputation Matters

The institution that you choose to complete your degree from makes a lot of difference in creating an impression on your professional outlook. Being a completely accredited, independant university within the American academic system, your academic credentials & accomplishmenets will be recognized and trusted by employers around the globe.