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Graduate Certificate in International Project Management

University of Mayford’s (Graduate) Certificate Program in International Project Management is a high-quality graduate certificate program -- designed for, and available to, college educated professionals who manage teams, departments, divisions and for senior project managers and project directors who seek formal recognition and a graduate certificate attesting to such level of educational attainment. Beyond that, candidates should have a reasonable degree of experience in international studies and PM and wish to develop further competence specific to the international dimensions of project management

Under the guidance of distinguished University of Mayford faculty, program participants will examine:

  • Project planning and control (with international emphases)
  • Project management life cycle (with international emphases)
  • Effective leadership and motivational Methodologies (with international emphases)
  • Essential project management tools and techniques (with international emphases)
  • Cost-management and risk management (with international emphases)
  • Cultural phenomenon that impact international project management
  • Objectives and Outcomes of International Project Management Program

Those who successfully complete the (Graduate) Certificate in International Project Management will:

Understand the theory and applications of the guiding principles and techniques of project management in conformity with contemporary, internationally recognized standards.

-Be positioned to locate, analyze, evaluate and synthesize information from a wide variety of sources in a planned and timely manner (with international emphases).

The ability to apply effective, creative and innovative solutions, both independently and cooperatively, to current and future problems in both national and international contexts.

Skills of a high order in interpersonal understanding, teamwork and communication, as necessary in numerous international contexts.

A proficiency in the appropriate use of contemporary technologies.

A commitment to continuous learning and the capacity to maintain intellectual curiosity throughout life.

A commitment to the highest standards of professional endeavor and the ability to take a leadership role in the community or across communities and, at times, across national borders.

An awareness of ethical, social and cultural issues and their importance in the exercise of professional skills and responsibilities in an international context.

Purpose of International Project Management

The purpose of International Project Management is to ensure the project achieves its goals & objectives, by planning, directing, tracking, and controlling, and improving the activities necessary for development and delivery of required products and services. The IPMC ™ Project Management Methodology involves developing plans and maintaining them throughout the project life cycle. Estimates are established and maintained regarding cost, schedule, size of work products, and critical technical parameters. Commitments to project objectives and plans are established and maintained throughout the project. Project participants and stakeholders are identified and organized to meet project objectives. As the project is executed, the project and performance are monitored and tracked in accordance with the plan. Corrective actions are taken as needed to ensure the project will meet its objectives. Continuous improvement is enhanced at all levels. International considerations in such specific contexts often over-determine many of the procedures introduced and decisions reached.


Students interested in further academic study may transfer courses completed with a grade of “B” or better for the certificate directly toward degree requirements for University of Mayford’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) or, depending on background and qualifications, the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA).

Successful graduates will be prepared to move forward in a wide variety of project management-related careers, and will have gained excellent preparation for the CIPM ™ (Certified Project Management Examination offered through the AAPM Global Board of Standard and the International Project Management Commission. (This credential is offered by AAPM, and is not part of any University of Mayford program.)

Required Curriculum at University of Mayford

University of Mayford’s (Graduate) Certificate in International Project Management consists of four required courses.

Course No. Course Title Credits
MBA 645
Project Management in Enterprise 3
EMBA 641 Global Strategies in a Global Environment 3
EMBA 636 Contemporary Global Marketing 3
CIPM 700 CIPM - Final Project 3
Total 4 courses  12 credits

Admission Requirements

Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited or Ministry-recognized instiTuition of higher education. (Submit official certification or proof of degree completion.)

Project Management and International Experience (some reasonable combination of the two, perhaps)

Requirements for Successful Completion of Certificate Program

Successful completion of all four required courses (Grade of B- or better). The grade of B- or better will satisfy the Certificate requirements. (However, only grades of B or better may be subsequently transferred to any University of Mayford graduate degree program.)

Awarding of the Graduate “Certificate of International Project Management” (CIPM)(University of Mayford)

Upon successful completion of all four courses, the student will complete the “Application for Awarding of Certificate Form,” which will be duly processed and forwarded by the University Registrar.

AAPM/IPMC Certificate

Students who qualify for the University Certificate may sit as well for the AAPM Certification Exam. Upon satisfactory results on this examination, the University will forward a required nomination to the IPMC Board of Standards for Processing and official registration as CIPM (Certified International Project Manager). While University of Mayford is an approved training center for AAPM/IPMC, the CERTIFICATE offered by the University is an academic certificate, and only qualifies one to sit for this external examination.)

Programs Requirements
  Total Program Fees Scholarship Program Cretid Tranfer Prior Learning  
Graduate Certificate in International Project Management $4000 and $500 Books (can be reduced with scholarship program) You may qualify for scholarship program, almost 90% students do qualify! All Credits will be accepted. Prior learning credits will be accepted


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